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MARINA STAMOS: The 1-Minute Talk (tm)

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Hi Artists!
I want to recreate my website (moving from divi to kajabi platform)--to have the multiple elements noted in the attachment -- but arranged in a way that is simple, bold, elegant, pleasing.

Please stick closely to the mock up provided---with all the elements there --but want YOUR expertise to refine/perfect it, make the pictures make sense together re: color/light etc).

FONtS: I like Cardo (But open to a new serif!) and Montserrat for body (please use this b/c all my other materials are in monserrat)...

LOGO: Please use with Montserrat Classic and reg only (not looking for redesign of logo right now).

The design should have the following

INSPIRATION SITES: - but mine does not have to be so "feminine"

KEY TO SUCCESS: DOn't go too far off of my visions...instead wow me with how you take all my crazy pics and make them work together!

TOTALLY open to colorizing/ editing pics.

If there is a type of pic or text area you really want me to insert---NO PROBLEM...put a dummy pic or text in your location and I'll fill it!

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Homepage refresh: Business Coach Needs Elegant Upgrade (For Kajabi platform)