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Dance Class finder website

Primary target audience : Dance enthusiasts
Goal: To allow dance enthusiasts to search for dance classes and studios in their immediate area that offers the dance classes they desire at specific time and days w/o having to deal with the hassle of searching through every studio's dance schedule

Secondary target audience: Dance Instructors
Goal: To allow dance instructors to network with studios, create a following of dance students, educate the public on the classes they instruct (ie. What class, when, where, etc...).

Tertiary target audience: Dance Studios
Goal: To give dance studios organizational tools that will allow them to manage their business and schedule better.

The design should have the following

Colors: Red, grey, purple

Logo: Silhouette of dancers in movement practicing different forms of dance. Logo will be background to "DanceByMe" lettering.

"DanceByMe" lettering: Letters placed together without spacing or adding characters in place of letters. I would like this to "Pop"

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Dance Website Logo