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Tagline for a New Adult Real World Amateur Sleuth Novel

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Digital Echoes is a realistic, amateur sleuth mystery novel with thriller elements. After 3 years of Radio Silence, Amelia gets the call that her former best friend Zara is dead. Ruled a suicide by police, Amelia dives into the digital debris that Zara has left behind desperately trying to figure out what drove Zara to take her own life. . . .and what caused their friendship to crumble all those years ago. With each social media post or video recording of Zara's drives as an Uber driver, Amelia becomes more and more convinced that Zara was murdered. Determined to get justice for her childhood friend, Amelia must overcome the obstacles posed by a system satisfied with easy answers and her own health issues that recently left her partially paralyzed. However, Amelia's actions have also attracted the attention of a dangerous killer that has already gotten away with murder.

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