Tagline for 'DIY Mason' website,DVD's, etc -a Tagline Contest by MsColorado

Creative Brief

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Name of Contest

Tagline for 'DIY Mason' website,DVD's, etc

Describe your company and organization and target audience

We are a masonry construction company starting up brand new offshoot website that will be geared to the DIY market selling how to DVD's, e-books, coaching,etc for home masonry project do-it-yourselfers.

What do you need written

We need a cool catchy tagline that says we will teach them all they need to know to be a pro! Must have a jingle like appeal. This is the first step in a process. The logo may or may not be a design with this tagline. 'DIY Mason' is the name of the products and there may be a line of tools branded as well. Definately a banner for the website. Looking for a complete package and look eventually, but starting with the tagline. Logo will be designed next, manly and bold! Tagline will be used like a statement as well, like a period at the end of a sentence! We want it to be like our signature. Think of 'Git er done!' only with a more broad, refined appeal, if you know what I mean. Catchy, unique, bold, manly. The website is diybrickandstonemasonry.com and very undeveloped with the domain name picked just for keywords so the real punch is going to come from contect of our banner, logo, tagline etc

What is important

We want them to know we are the experts and we can teach them to be one too if they buy our stuff. We want them to have the confidence that with our video instruction they can build a masonry project at home like an expert! Instills confidence.

What do you not want

No overused trite phrase of rock solid, good foundation, or any other construction phrase that is tired and worn out. Nothing long.

Briefly describe your contest

cool tagline used in logo, catch-phrase