Tagline for Chill Hard Studio Apparel -a Tagline Contest by mjbrackin

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Tagline for Chill Hard Studio Apparel

Describe your company and organization and target audience

Chill Hard Studio Apparel supports the dieing art of Inactivity. We make apparel,such as pajamas, tee-shirts, tank tops and stocking hats that are worn while getting your Chill On. We need a catching tagline to pair with our Pictorial Logo.

What do you need written

Chill Hard Studio Apparel needs a funny, engaging, somewhat irreverant without being in bad taste, tagline that can take our apparel and make it a world-wide brand. This clothing line, by design, it meant to be silly and light-hearted in it's humorous attempt to get people to honor the Art of Inactivity. Joe Boxer Clothing has been running a promotion to get people to buy their pajamas, and they have a great tagline: "Because the couch isn't going to sit on itself." Chill Hard Studio needs a tagline that we can take viral because it is so funny and people will automatically recognize that the tagline is associated with our Chill Hard apparel. Tagline should be 8 words or less and it will be paired with our Pictorial Logo.

What is important

The most important aspect of this project: BE ORIGINAL. We want people to read your tagline and say "Oh my gosh, that is SO funny!" Don't be derivative of an already used promotional campaign or tagline.

What do you not want

Please no references to drugs, alcohol, bing eating or anything else deemed unhealthy. The fine art of Inactivity still supports clean living. No references to yoga, meditation, mindfulness or spirituality. Chill Hard is just pure relaxation.

Briefly describe your contest

Tagline for Chill Hard Studio Apparel.