South Texas Little Hunters -a Tagline Contest by momof2cowboys

Creative Brief

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Name of Contest

South Texas Little Hunters

Describe your company and organization and target audience

We promote hunting as a family activity to bring families closer together. We provide information on hunting safety for kids, hunting contests in South Texas, sell children\'s hunting products and books we are authoring. All designed for kids/parent

What do you need written

A catchy tagline that describes what we do. We want to encourage families to turn off the TV/video games and get outdoors. We\'ve thought of using the word \"game\" since it is used to describe wildlife game as well. Should be catchy but short since our name is so long. Should reflect our desire to bring families closer and get back to outdoors and more simple times when hunting was a family activity. Should express our desire to be the \"go to\" source for info on children\'s hunting. We will also have a monthly kids club as a part of our services.

What is important

Must give a clear picture of our mission to bring families together through hunting.

What do you not want

References to specific animals

Briefly describe your contest

Creative and Catchy Tagline for Hunters