Ravin Consultants -a Tagline Contest by Ravin340B

Creative Brief

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Name of Contest

Ravin Consultants

Describe your company and organization and target audience

Ravin Consultants offers many services in order to be a "one stop shop" for most consulting needs. Consulting include:

Pharmaceutical Needs - such as increasing revenue in the 340B federal drug discount program and ensuring compliance.

Financial Solutions - such as audit/review services, bookkeeping, interim executive type positions.

Healthcare Operations - such as Clinical Operations, QA/QI, Six Sigma and creating new streams of revenue.

Technology: computer programming

Marketing/Fundraising - such as donor relationships and web design, and more.

What do you need written

We are looking for a "one stop shop" tagline that conveys all that Ravin Consultants have to offer.

What is important

The name Ravin means to aggressively/violently consume prey. Our services help businesses reach new streams of revenue by being a "one stop shop" in all things healthcare, compliance, finances, operations, etc.

What do you not want

Do not include "one stop shop"

Briefly describe your contest

Ravin Consultants tagline