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Hawkeye Management tagline

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We help new & established sm biz owners raise capital through business lines of credit that do not require collateral or financials. We need a professional tagline to include on website, biz cards, & logo (not designed yet) that captures who we are

What do you need written

our website is hawkeyemgmt.com - after tagline is chosen we will need a logo designed for us so a short tagline that can be part of that logo is what we need. We are small business lending consultants with a very high level of expertise in understanding credit & credit scores and then using our knowledge of credit to create the lending solution for our clients. Our sweet spot is in assisting our clients in accessing between $50,000 - $150,000 in low-cost lines of credit. We can certainly obtain more than $150,000 but $50-150k is sweet spot for us. The rates with our solutions will be better than they will find with almost any other solution - and better than our competitors. A key point is that we need NO collateral and NO financials to do our job. This is rare. Our product is Business Credit Cards but it is much bigger than that. Our "system" weeds out the bad lenders, creates much greater efficiency in obtaining the products, our knowledge allows for larger approvals, and our system shows them the tools they won't know without our guidance...things such as "how" to turn these lines of credit into working capital without taking costly cash advances. Most of our competitors offer our "product" (the Biz credit cards) but it's one of a variety of other products and they aren't even close to knowing all the right lenders and how to do this the RIGHT way. For us this is ALL WE DO so we've gone much deeper and provide much more VALUE with this nichey solution. It’s safe to say that almost nobody can do what we do on their own - and with us they don't pay if they don't get their capital. It's that simple. We want a polished and professional look and sound with the tagline. Ideally it would be brief but rememberable. Some words/phrases that come to mind are: real solutions people you can trust dependable

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