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One More Rep

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One More Rep

Describe your company and organization and target audience

I started my own clothing line. I enjoy working out i do it with a passion. I want to create a line for everybody that has a big passion of working out and not giving up. Whether it is working out, running,or any type of athlete.

What do you need written

We are looking for a slogan/tag line for Here is a brief passage I put together. As your skin feels the material of One More Rep gear, your heart and soul kicks in an extra rep. Feeling the strength, motivation and determination to get just one more rep. When you’re wearing one more rep gear you train like a champion not like a contestant. When you’re at the point of giving up your brain triggers a one more rep signal that makes you crave that next rep. Your mind puts aside all negativity and distractions to focus on setting new records for others to break with one more rep. Don’t limit your body. One More Rep is belonging to a group that has pride in taking their body to an extreme. One More Rep is a lifestyle that many wish to be part of but it take sweat, tears, body exhaustion and heart.

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