Orange Naranja -a T-Shirt Design Contest by Blueflame1979

Creative Brief

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Company or website name

Orange Naranja

Describe your company and organization and target audience

My company is vibrant and colorful. It brings peace, happiness and joy to all of those who come in contact with me and my company. My company is based on Spiritual development and bliss. It is closely tied with Buddhist philosophies, OM , Yoga and connecting with others. It is all about balance. I have not yet created a website, but wanted to start with t shirts and then move on to other apparel and accessories.

My target audience is from young and old, men and women, any culture and any background. although to be a little more specific for the first couple of shirts I want it to be neutral somewhere in between. A t-shirt that anyone would be proud of wearing. No matter the age, sex or culture.

The design should have the following

The design I want has to do with the name of my company. Orange Naranja, is a play on words. It' s both the color and the fruit. Naranja means orange in Spanish, so it basically reads orange orange. The design will be an orange with personality. Maybe even a little cartoonish. He is an orange with a face and human like characteristics, maybe no arms and legs depending on if you can make it work. This orange represents me and everyone on the spiritual path. there are plenty of lively bright colors going on. Maybe even some neon green and purple. purple being a spiritual color. It has meaning, it has depth. This orange character can be in a zen like state or focused on an activity. Maybe even have the OM symbol somewhere. I am big on symbols, so if you can choose a universal symbol for determination and grit while being in a zen like state that would be awesome. Orange Naranja is life! pure joy, bliss and happiness. I want colors that pop in the design. I love contrast, a mix between vibrant and dark colors maybe? Maybe in a painting like design, like someone used a painters brush on the shirt.

Briefly describe your contest

Do you have a passion for Oranges and life? Are you a positive thinker? I am looking for a designer who will put their creative skills to work and cre