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Over 800 logos were entered into Hatchwise’s unofficial contest for a new logo for Rhode Island. The finalists received over 13,000 votes.
The winner, with 716 votes, is Kelly Brown of Kelly StarSpangled, a designer from from Barrington, RI. Kelly receives the cash prize and the winning logo will be presented to RI State Governement, free of charge, by Hatchwise.
Kelly is a 24 year old freelance illustrator and has lived in Barrington, Rhode Island all her life. She says she loves being an artist and it is the only thing she has ever ever wanted to do. Her work varies from portraits to caricatures and children’s books. She also enjoys doing fantasy work and her work is the greatest joy of her life. You can contact her via email if you wish to hire her.
Kelly has this to say about her winning design:
“The inspiration for my design was the gorgeous marine life that is the vibrant backbone of our state, as it is called The Ocean State. And the nautical theme is highlighted by the birds flying into the yellow rays of the sun which also to me represent hope, our state’s motto. The slogan I chose, ‘Small State - Big Experience’ is honestly how I feel about Rhode Island, it is such an amazing state and theres so much more than just the ocean!“
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