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"great experience, outstanding artists "

Logo Design Contest for IAO Management Services INC
2020-10-24 10:27:15

"I have loved my experience with Hatchwise. I feel like the designers went above and beyond my expectations. It was a hard decision, but my new logo is exactly what I wanted."

Logo Design Contest for The Doula Group
2020-10-22 21:30:13

"This is a great platform tor getting creative input! The only challenge I had was messaging one of the creatives but that could have been on their side, not Hatchwise. "

Domain Naming Project for name for consultant who solves business challenges with practical solutions
2020-10-15 09:07:42

"Everything went great and I'm looking forward to seeking out additional assistance with future projects!"

Logo Design Contest for Rell Fire
2020-10-08 11:00:39

"Overall great experience. Understands how to deliver a nice, simple, and refined look and feel."

Logo Design Contest for ResNet
2020-10-05 19:01:40

"The experience overall was a good one. The constant emails, however, got to be a bit much. I understand why they came, but they flooded my inbox. "

Logo Design Contest for RC Bakery & Kitchen
2020-10-04 07:25:42

"Very good service. Excellent Work. Will use again."

Logo Design Contest for BELANTINA
2020-10-03 16:00:48

"I would like to thank Annie for helping me complete the contest. Great work I would definitely recommend you to others."

Logo Design Contest for Mi Casa Su Casa Canada
2020-10-03 13:16:55

"It's been great every time we've used you. Thanks for the platform. "

Logo Design Contest for Team Indian Summer
2020-10-03 00:53:44

"This is the second time that I have used Hatchwise for a business logo and have had great success each time."

Logo Design Contest for ProActive Chiropractic & Wellness
2020-10-02 14:55:41

"This was an easy process that gave me so many options. Awesome! Annie was great in getting back to me quickly and helped a lot!! Thank you will certainly tell others about this!!"

Logo Design Contest for Natural Lessons, LLC
2020-09-30 16:20:17

"This has been a great process so far. Really appreciate the opportunity to work with you and the designers."

Logo Design Contest for NTMB
2020-09-30 09:32:33

"I actually loved everything about Hatchwise I believe your site is well developed. Whoever came up with this idea. . it was a fabulous one. There are so many amazing designs it was very hard decision."

Logo Design Contest for Up Your Immunity
2020-09-29 21:24:12

"It was a lot more options that i thought.. It would be nice if I could up the money on line. but the staff worked quickly and professionally. "

Logo Design Contest for Pro Game Theory
2020-09-29 01:35:51

"Love the ease with which you can obtain designs even if you have no clue of what you want."

Logo Design Contest for Infinity Group Enterprises or IGE
2020-09-28 20:16:41

"First time with yall. Great experience. Don't change a thing. "

Logo Design Contest for LIHTC Bonds.com
2020-09-28 16:44:42

"this experience has been fun, thank you for this."

Logo Design Contest for The Rapid Jags
2020-09-19 13:57:27

"Hatchwise, This platform is amazing and allows us to view the different interpretation of our vision through the incredible designers. "

Logo Design Contest for CAVS Logistics LLC
2020-09-18 09:08:45

"This whole process was a pleasant experience, Also appreciate the prompt response to our question. Thank you! "

Logo Design Contest for Able Athletes
2020-09-17 12:22:34

"This was a great experience with some creative entries. Because of that experience I have suggested this site to others, especially on a budget to just want a variety of idea."

Logo Design Contest for Best Podcast Awards
2020-09-14 03:06:59

"Ive used you for years, you are still the leader in design contest. "

Logo Design Contest for The Tech Brat
2020-09-13 16:44:10

"It was a very positive surprise and way beyond my expectation, great price and great designs. It was so difficult to choose between so many great logos. Thank you so much and would recommend Hatchwise to everyone."

Logo Design Contest for Casinologia
2020-09-12 23:49:03

"I've had a wonderful experience with my Hatchwise contest. Some entries went above my expectations and I loved the creativity from different designers."

Logo Design Contest for On Point Acupuncture
2020-09-12 21:30:41

"Great experience! Thanks so much! "

Logo Design Contest for Ham Lake Lightning
2020-09-08 23:51:47

"The process was flawless, only issue was me, trying to decide which logo to go with. The process was simple and fun. Thanks for making it so easy to receive quality designs "

Logo Design Contest for S & J Roll Off and Tractor Services
2020-09-03 06:53:35

"Awesome. Easy to set-up tons of options from many designers. Very pleased."

Logo Design Contest for Maximum Construction Group
2020-09-02 20:29:04