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Why Your Business Name Matters

Business names matter; they matter more then people think and when choosing a business name it’s important that you take your time. Once you choose a company name, it’s nearly impossible for you to choose a new one that your customers identify with your company.

This is why it’s crucial that when you choose your company name you make sure that it’s the perfect fit and you won’t want to decide on a new one within a couple of weeks.

Let’s take a look at why your business name matters and what makes a business name great.

First Impressions

How many times have you heard the name of a company and automatically formed an opinion about them? If you’re anything like the rest of the population then it’s probably been more then once. Names are what people first see when it comes to a company and, this usually means that, ultimately, this is where they draw their first impression of your company.

It’s similar to the first handshake you have with someone. You can instantly tell what kind of person they are merely from shaking their hand – it’s odd but true. A handshake can determine your entire relationship with someone. The same goes for your company; a company name can determine the entire future of your relationship with your clients.

It Sums Your Company Up

Your company name is your entire business displayed through a series of letters strung together. This is why the pressure’s on when it comes to choosing a name; you know that whatever you choose is representing your company on the front lines.

When someone sees your company name they’ll be thinking about more than just your company; they’ll be seeing what you do, what your goal is, and your company’s history. When choosing a name you want to ensure that it has all of those qualities.

A Name Has Power

A name, whether it’s for a company, a product, or your pet, has power. There’s a reason that people like to name objects, even what may seem silly such as cars; it gives them a personality

and a sense of power. There’s a bold sense of bravery in giving something a title and knowing that it represents who or what it is.

When you name your company you’re entitling with a sense of power. You’re giving it it’s own personality and representing it with a bold statement that it will carry with it for, probably, the whole life of the business.

It’s Personal

If you have a good company name then you already know that it has to be personal. Business names aren’t built on merely what sounds good or what the latest trend is; it has to be personal. There has to be a meaning and true intentions behind the name of your company.

If your business and brand have their personality then your name must as well. Remember that the name of a company is usually what has people forming their first opinion of your company.

They can learn a lot from something as simple as a name and before they’ve even bought from your company they will have already formed an opinion based purely on the name.

Simple Is Better

When it comes to business naming the simpler the better. Humans tend to be more willing to interact with a company if they’re easy to read and straightforward. The second that you force people to put a lot of thought into something as simple as your company name you’ll have already lost them.

It’s also important that people are able to remember your business’s name without having to memorize it. Aim for a short, simple, and uncomplicated name; it’ll help people remember it and be more apt to buy from your company.

In Conclusion

Overall, naming your company can be terrifying. It’s your job to come up with a name for something that is not only special but also that will be imprinted on it for a time to come. Mess up and choose the wrong name and you’ll never live it down. But, on the other hand, think of all the great successful names in our time; Apple, Google, or Starbucks.

These are all great names that we use daily now. But what do these all have in common? They’re short, powerful, simple, and sum up the company perfectly. Your company can be all of this and more with the right name.

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