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How Your Brand Can Go Viral On TikTok

Ever wondered how you can make your brand go viral on the legendary TikTok? It’s no easy task, but with the right strategies, you can be on your way to having your brand go viral on the platform. Check out this article to learn three strategies that can help you on your branding journey to go viral on TikTok! 

The pandemic saw the social media platform, TikTok, rise in popularity as stay-at-home restrictions were set in place. The app took giant leaps in popularity in the face of the global pandemic and saw a surge of users over the last year. Now, not only is TikTok popular, but people make money off the platform. 

Since the platform is now considered up there with Facebook and Instagram (some even claiming that TikTok has outshone both of these), brands have started to use the platform for their company as well. Brands have actually gone viral on the app as it’s risen in popularity and we see more and more companies wondering how they can do the same. 

We’ve got a few tried and true methods for you if you’re wondering how your brand can go viral on TikTok. 

Get Familiar With The App 

If you aren’t familiar with TikTok yet then you’ll want to get familiar before you start attempting to go viral with your brand. Start with downloading the app, signing up, and then scrolling a bit to get familiar with the two main feeds on TikTok. If you have plans to use TikTok for marketing then it’s important that you know the app inside and out. 

Spend some time actively using the app (not just creating content, but scrolling through other’s content as well) to get a feel of what it is and the vibe that the app has. TikTok differs from other social media platforms since it’s not merely sharing an image or text. You’re sharing videos and coming up with content that users will be interested in. This is especially hard for businesses. 

Be Funny 

TikTok is a visual app, used to create and share short video clips, users mostly hopping on with challenges and trends. What appears to be the number one rule of TikTok and what most users will encourage you to do is make people laugh. Most users, if they aren’t on for business purposes, are on the app get a chuckle out of the content. 

You have to be entertaining in some form, and comedy seems to be the route to go with this social media platform. Your content has to engage users before it can go viral and you have to appeal to what the audience wants to see. TikTok is a platform that, for the most part, is built on humor. The funnier you are the more chances you have at landing on TikTok’s ‘For You Page’ and going viral. 

Show That You’re Genuine 

The second way that people go viral on TikTok is by being genuine. Most clips have either included humor or showed someone being vulnerable, genuine, and honest. In a community that usually shows a filtered reality, sometimes the dose of genuine content is what users like to see amidst all of the fake content circulating. 

We’ve seen companies go viral after sharing the hardship behind their companies, their personal fails, or ways that they’re struggling in this time. Show users that you’re human, that you’re honest and most of all relatable. People like content that they can relate to, content that they can understand and show sympathy for. Although sometimes this can fail, it’s always worth a shot to appeal to users’ emotions and show the human side to your account. 


While Instagram has phased out of hashtags, for the most part, TikTok has risen with their hashtag game. This is one of the main ways that companies can get their companies noticed on the platform and therefore leading to going viral. This is where all the experience that you have from hashtags with other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter comes into play. 

TikTok makes using hashtags easy, showing related hashtags if you search for a hashtag. Using hashtags will make your content get to the ‘For You Page’ and potentially go viral. If you’re feeling adventurous with your marketing you can even attempt to join the realm of TikTok’s hashtag challenges. Brands can either participate in existing challenges or create their own. Check out hashtag challenges to learn more about them!

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