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Easy Ways To Get A Steller Tagline

Coming up with a stellar tagline is one sure way to make sure nobody forgets your company.

Here are a few tips to make the most of it!

Less Is More
Taglines are meant to be short and sweet. When it comes to taglines, big things come in small packages. They’re often used in logos that can be found on things as small as business cards to things as big as eye-catching billboards. Our brains are all overflowing with information 24/7.
Making a tagline that’s short and simple means there’s a greater chance that it will be remembered.

Make It Memorable
With all of the information that’s constantly flowing in front of our eyes, it’s more important than ever to make a lasting impact. Some of the best taglines are the ones that seem to get permanently imprinted on our brains. Using humor, irony, or bold statements are great ways to make a tagline that won’t soon be forgotten. Your goal should always be for your potential customers to remember you when they need you most.

Keep It Catchy
Think about those taglines that you find yourself repeating over and over. Sometimes they’re made into a catchy jingle or maybe they’re repeated on commercials. Either way, we can’t seem to shake them. Aim to create a tagline that gets stuck on repeat in the minds of anyone who reads it.

Define Your Brand
It should go without saying, but a tagline should always be in line with your brand. The few words that comprise your tagline need to speak to your brand’s purpose. The goal is for your audience to read your tagline and have a sense of exactly what your brand is about.

Tell A Story
When you think of telling a story, you may automatically think of lots of words. That’s not always the case. Stories can be told with just a few words that spark specific emotions. Nostalgia, excitement, curiosity, and desire are great emotions to try to bring out through a tagline.

For example, Cracker Barrel’s tagline is “Eat, Shop, Relax.” In just three words, they’re able to tell you exactly what you can experience. Those three words convey a sense of warmth and relaxation – emotions you’d likely feel at home. You’re instantly met with a cozy home environment when you enter their restaurant which proves their tagline to be the perfect fit.

Showcase What You Have To Offer
Aim to highlight what your company has to offer. Giving your customers a sense of what they can expect to gain from your services is a great way to make the most of your tagline.
Nationwide Insurance does a good job of this. We’ve seen the commercials, heard the jingle and Payton Manning’s face is ingrained in our memories. “Nationwide Is On Your Side” simply explains exactly what they do. They stand by you in your time of need, which is easy to ascertain with one glance of their tagline.

Apply It To Real Life

If your tagline pertains to a real-life event then there is a greater chance that it will be remembered when that event happens. For example, if a plumbing company has a tagline of, “There For You When Things Get Crappy,” not only is it eye-catching and humorous, but it’s easy to remember when someone’s toilet is overflowing at 3 am.

Be Clear
Being vague or abstract is okay for logos, but taglines should be easily understood and leave
nothing to question.

Spark Excitement
Who doesn’t love excitement? Creating a tagline that gives your customers a spark of excitement can be a great way to entice them to utilize your services.
For example, if a travel agency used the tagline, “Adventure Awaits,” it automatically sends your imagination running wild. The tagline has people planning their next vacation before they’ve even decided where they’re going. Before they know it, they’re calling the travel agency,
booking flights and imagining themselves laying on a beach in Tahiti. All because of an exciting tagline!

Create Inspiration
Inspiring people is always a plus. Taglines that aim to inspire people are unforgettable and uplifting. They can inspire people to be better versions of themselves, be creative or save money, just to name a few ideas. By inspiring people to make a change, you’re also inspiring them to take advantage of whatever you have to offer.

As you can see, there are many routes you can take when developing a tagline. Using multiple aspects of the ten tips above is a sure way to get a tagline that stands out among the hustle and bustle of society. Always keep in mind that finding the perfect tagline is much like creating your own recipe. Each tagline’s path to reaching the target audience is unique. There’s no right or wrong way to develop your tagline as long as you get your message across.

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