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Building Your YouTube Channel

Youtube has become the de facto video platform of the 21st century. With billions of uploads on thousands of channels, how do you make sure yours stands out? In this article, we’ll dive into the best practices for crafting a unique and distinguished brand on YouTube by creating engaging and original content, using Video SEO to get found, and improving your video presence on other social platforms.

Let’s start with the basics. Branding is about creating an identity. It’s about making yourself visible while (hopefully) standing out from the crowd. It can be applied to anything from a business, to a product, or even an online presence. As YouTube has grown in popularity and dominance over the past decade, the demand for branding services for YouTubers has followed suit. It doesn’t matter if you have one channel or five; learning how to brand your YouTube channel will help it become a powerhouse in your online strategy.

Gain Exposure

Your online video presence is critical to the success of your business – and YouTube is one of the best ways to reach and convert more people who are searching for products like yours. Its unique feature makes it conducive to establishing your brand identity, while its ability to incorporate video hosting allows you to develop a personality and connect you with viewers that other marketing methods may not be able to reach.

YouTube’s reach on a global level is advantageous to all businesses no matter the industry. The opportunity to share your brand message with any target audience for free is an amazing service that should continue to grow in popularity as it stands alone from other marketing tools.

With over a billion monthly users, YouTube is an incredibly powerful advertising and marketing tool. The platform has opened up the world to video content, giving brands a place to reach viewers and consumers that otherwise never heard of you. YouTube is where your customers are going to be and you should be there with them.

Post your videos on YouTube for free! With the addition of a YouTube channel to your website, you can create professional video features with a touch of creativity. Google+ allows you to link your YouTube account, which makes it easy for your viewers to connect with you through Google’s social network. Whether you sell products or are a service-based company, YouTube can be a powerful tool for building your brand and authority. The ability to create original video content can give you a marketing edge over the competition.

Create a YouTube Channel

YouTube’s channel manager gives you access to tons of features that help you build a strong subscriber base. You can create separate channels for each area of your business, manage and add videos, and share your video creations with the world.

With your branded account, you can link several YouTube channels together. This means you could have one channel for comedy sketches, another for news, a third for opinion pieces and reviews, and a fourth to link to each individual blog written by contributors. The possibilities are endless!

Once your channel is confirmed, you’ll be able to upload videos that are longer than 15 minutes and create custom thumbnails. Uploading high-quality thumbnails for every video is also a must, as it’s what users will see in their search results before deciding whether or not to watch any of your videos. Think about the color pallet you are going for and your logo if you have one, and make sure they represent the look of your brand.

YouTube Aesthetics

Profile Picture

Viewers can see your profile image when they visit your channel page directly or when it is used in the suggested videos sidebar on YouTube. As this is the first thing viewers see when visiting your channel, it should be representative of your brand and personality, so choose wisely.

Though many larger companies and brands opt to use their logo (or a stylized version of their logo) as a profile image to maintain brand consistency across all social media channels and websites, human influencers and micro-businesses are often more likely to post a fun headshot that captures their personality or the personality of the brand.

Keeping a consistent brand identity across all social media platforms and your website may be the most important, but also the most challenging thing a brand will have to do. How, for example, is your Twitter feed represented on other platforms such as Facebook or Instagram? Is it done by maintaining a single logo with subtle differences in coloring (more reds on Twitter than Instagram?), or with more drastic changes (Twitter uses more extreme colors and is more playful whereas Instagram is softer, but maintains the same font and color scheme in order to keep brand recognition strong)? You need to ensure that your images are not just relevant to the platform they are being used on, but also look good in each setting.

Channel Description

Your channel description is one of the most important pieces of real estate on your channel page. Your viewers are looking here to learn more about you, so be sure to fill it with valuable information that will capture their attention. I find that just a few sentences can do the trick. Think about telling a short story that briefly explains what your content will be about and your posting schedule. It’s also a great spot to add relevant keywords and links to your website and social accounts.

It should entice people to subscribe. Your content is exciting and your viewers need more! Mix a little humor, some fun facts, links to your social media accounts, and a call-to-action to increase subscribers.

Banner Image

You want the first image that a viewer sees to be consistent with the rest of your site. You can achieve this by using your style sheet and brand color palette on your channel banner image. This way, it’s integrated with everything else so it lands right in line with your brand identity. You may want to place an important message on this banner as well — maybe something like your posting schedule or a tagline.

Follower Engagement 

One of the most important parts of a social network is relationship building with your followers and fans, and vice versa. If you build a relationship with your audience, they’re more likely to come back and watch your latest videos. You can do this by having a conversation with them, responding to any comments they leave, or sending out surveys asking for ideas on future videos.

Be Responsive

Being part of YouTube means you are free to share information, your users leave feedback and comment on things they like and dislike. You can also build connections with other people and businesses, all using the YouTube platform itself. But the best reason for wanting a large list of engaged followers is because they are immediately receptive to you content. They already follow or subscribe to your channel so if you publish something they will see it right away and more than likely watch it.

SEO Driven Content

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website in organic search results. The higher your videos rank, the more viewers your videos will attract and the better chance you have at gaining even more viewers. Improve your SEO by adding the right keywords and writing engaging titles. Remember to craft eye-catching video thumbnails that reflect what your video is about.

Don’t Forget To Ask

People are more than willing to subscribe to a channel if they feel like you’re helping them out. You might even want to put a call to action in your video mentioning how viewers can follow you on social media and/or by subscribing to your channel. You don’t have to do it in a rude way, just politely remind folks that it’s there for them if they’d like!

Swim With The Fishes

The new wave of online video means there’s more opportunity than ever for brands to engage with their customers. So swim with the fishes and take your brand to a whole new level by capitalizing on the amazing reach YouTube has provided brands of all sizes. 

The bottom line: Be original. Be relatable. YouTube has changed the game, and now the effortless sharing of videos has allowed brands to reach customers on a scale that wasn’t possible just a few short years ago. It’s important to remember that the art of video creation is only valuable if you’re willing to share it with the world. So take the leap, dive in, and learn all you can about the power of video content creation. You won’t regret it.

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