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Naming our new innovative educational programme!

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Naming our new innovative educational programme!

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STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. Each word forming these five subjects will collectively give our South African students skills that will make them more employable, and ready to meet the labour demand of today and tomorrow. Five subjects that should be innovated upon to ensure a successful, modern education. Yet, how do we make STEAM interesting and exciting? Our company, I-Innovate, has for the past decade led the way in STEAM educational transformation in South Africa by empowering our students to tackle problems and find meaningful, creative, and innovative solutions with the ability to not just change lives and communities around the world, but be a part of cutting-edge studies that are changing the way we learn. In 2022, I-Innovate, in partnership with STEAM software specialists in the United States of America, aiming to roll out a cutting edge Augmented Reality (AR) and software-based gaming programme with games geared to each school level. This programme (to be named by you) has 3 games included, briefly outlined below: Newton AR GAME: An Augmented Reality (AR) game catered to students in pre-primary schools that need to learn the basics of STEM in a modern world. Using an iPad and a set of contraption cards, student can create and manipulate pieces like paddles, switches, and levers by simply moving the cards to overcome challenges and objectives. Newton AR can be taken to the next level with physical expansion kits consisting of launchers, conveyor belts, ramps and tracks and many more! Descartes GAME: An engineering design game focusing on grades 3-5 where students can create boats, cars submarines and gliders to prototype and test in a digital environment. This facilitates critical thinking by allowing students to create, analyse, and test hundreds of variations on designs in the time it would take to create one by hand. Edison GAME: Edison is a more sophisticated version of Descartes, where students will use this engineering design game to create unique contraptions such as rockets, bridges, aircrafts and robots and analyse their performance through data and plot points. Students can eventually build or 3D print and test what they create in-game. We are looking for a name for this innovative programme that includes the above 3 games and activities.

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If these three games/activities could be combined together into a single master programme…What name would you give it?

The Hatchwise Bird


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