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Web Service Name

Describe your company and organization and target audience

We are a SaaS company providing business management software to on-site service companies (landscapers, painters, window cleaners, etc...) We have been operating in Beta for a number of months and are planning to rebrand before an official launch.

What do you need written

To get an idea of what kind of work we do, please have a look at We need a short, catchy, easy to spell name for our product. It would be nice if it were somehow related to the field service/onsite service sector, but is ideally a "made up" word so that search results are unambiguous. It's important that a domain name for the service is available. Dot com addresses are preferred, but we're also open to some of the novelty TLD's (.ly, .me, etc...). The domain doesn't have to exactly match the service name; for example, appending "app" to the service name for the domain name is acceptable so long as the service name is unique enough. As mentioned, the product itself is a business management tool. It handles Customer Relationship Management, Quotes, Job Management and Invoicing, as well as Crew Scheduling, Employee Timesheets, and a number of other functions critical to management of an on-site service company. The service is hosted in "the Cloud", so there's some potential to play off some of the language surrounding cloud computing and SaaS products in general. We're open to both plain language names and completely made up words. For instance we had been thinking about the name "ServiceBook" for a while, but no reasonable domains are available, and we're thinking the name is too ambiguous resulting in too many conflicting search results. A made up name would be good for this reason, but it's important that it's easy to remember and spell, and doesn't sound too silly. As far as tone goes, we're looking for something that's sort of playful (but again, not silly) to mirror the fact that our software is easy to learn and use. We don't want anything too sterile sounding, but it would definitely be good for the name to be something that will still be relevant (and not sound dated) in a number of years.

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