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Vitamin D Promoting Sunscreen

by Exposure Scientific, LLC

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Vitamin D Promoting Sunscreen

Describe your company and organization and target audience

We are a small company getting ready to start selling a new type of patent-pending sunscreen that permits people to make vitamin D in their skin while screening harmful rays. Please help us find a brand name for our sunscreen!

What do you need written

The health benefits provided by our vitamin D promoting sunscreen can differentiate it from other sunscreens because all sunscreens that are now marketed block the skin’s natural ability to make vitamin D when exposed to light. Our sunscreen formulations will also permit people to get a long-lasting, base tan. We expect to sell our sunscreen for use outdoors and in for use in tanning beds. There are two main market segments we plan to sell to: health and beauty. We are thinking that a name which reflects the vitamin D health aspect and has a “scientific” ring to it would be best, but we are also open to names which reflect more of a beauty, style, romance or fashion sense. 1.) Health conscious people who want to prevent sun damage to skin by using sunscreen comprise essentially the same demographic group as those health conscious people who want to prevent disease by getting more vitamin D. 2.) Beauty conscious people use daily beauty products such as moisturizers, lip balms, wrinkle-repair formulas and foundations with an SPF factor (Sunburn Protection Factor) – all of which can be formulated with a vitamin D promoting sunscreen. This beauty conscious group will be attracted to the anti-wrinkle and anti-aging benefits of our sunscreen. The vitamin D promoting sunscreen represents the best of both worlds in that it permits significant vitamin D production while blocking many of the harmful rays of light. The product will have a relatively low SPF: 4, 8 or 15. Here are some of the language we may put on the label, perhaps you can get inspired from some of the words below: Vitamin D Promoting Sunscreen Vitamin D Permitting Sunscreen Promotes Vitamin D synthesis in the skin Promotes Vitamin D production in the body Formulated to permit maximum vitamin D production Permits passage of light (or sunlight) used by the skin to produce vitamin D Permits adequate passage of light used by the skin to produce vitamin D and to tan Permits sufficient passage

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