Tea brand naming -a Product Naming Contest by kanfashion

Creative Brief

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Name of Contest

Tea brand naming

Describe your company and organization and target audience

I am an enthusiastic tea lover that is willing to try out different tea blends. Now I want to share my passion for tea drinking with others and therefore want to create a company and offer the finest blends of tea via online marketplaces like etsy and amazon. Basically, I'm a startup needing a brand name for my tea. My target audience are the tea lovers.

What do you need written

Some kind of simple and sweet name that people can remember easily.

What is important

A brand name for my product--"tea" that I can use for all of my tea varieties. For example. the name can be ABC (Breakfast Blend), ABC (Raspberry passion) etc.

What do you not want

Hard to pronounce names

Briefly describe your contest

Name a Tea Brand