Dock Mover -a Product Naming Contest by rhdawkins

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Dock Mover

Describe your company and organization and target audience

We have a patented device that allows owners of floating docks, on lakes or any body of water,to drive the dock towards and away from the shoreline via mechanized wheels and winch system, all controlled from a centralized control box. This is needed when the water recedes or rises and the dock owner needs to move the dock to keep it floating. In addition we also have customized anchoring system, including electronic jack operating system and ramp. Our company will basically specialize in aiding dock owners a effortless way of moving their docks in and out from a centralized control panel with ease, offering additional features to make dock owning more enjoyable on any body of water that fluctuates in its water levels

What do you need written

We need a name for the company.and then a logo

What is important

We are open to ideas

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NEW innovative Start-up company needs your help creating its name!!!