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Bottled Coffee Product

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Bottled Coffee Product

Describe your company and organization and target audience

We are a team of coffee junkies in Austin preparing to launch a new bottled coffee product. Product will launch in Texas and then expand nationally.

What do you need written

Our product is a cold brewed bottled coffee that is rich, low acid, and very smooth. It is sold in the refrigerated section of the grocery store (Whole Foods) and is made with organic fair-trade coffee and filtered water. It is not flavored but flavor extensions may be developed at a later date so the name should be flexible. It is slightly concentrated and should be diluted with water, ice, dairy, soy, etc. to achieve the desired taste and caffeine content. The coffee will be offered in 32oz-64oz sizes so it is meant to be stored in the refrigerator and consumed a cup/glass at a time. Our target consumer appreciates fine coffee, values the convenience of a bottle, seeks trendy foods, and is willing to spend about $0.75 per serving. We appeal to hipsters, busy parents, and professionals alike. The product is very high quality, convenient, easy to prepare, carefully crafted, highly caffeinated, customizable, and offers better value than the coffee shop. Our company is young, hip, and smart. We’re made up of hipsters and MBAs who love a good cup of coffee and the socialization of the coffee experience. We’re not the next Maxwell House or Folgers, we’re not the lowest cost alternative, and we’re not one dimensional. We’re sustainably managed, value our community, and create long term value for our partners and consumers. The name should be strong, different, brief, and appropriate to the product. It should be easy to spell and pronounce. It should be short enough to fit legibly, depending on font, on a label of 4-5 inches in width. It should not be in conflict with obvious companies already out there such as Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, etc. Your chance of winning will be improved if the name can become a synonym for the product category, e.g. FedEx a package, Google something, etc. and if it is a made up word that can more easily be trademarked. For additional guidance, look at

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