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by insure

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insure picked a winner in their Graphic Design Contest for Wilhelm

Their contest received 24 entries by 11 designers, it was viewed 2157
times. They paid just $80.00 for the winning design.

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Business to business, boutique risk management and insurance firm specializing in the Real estate and Construction space.

The design should have the following:

I am looking for a single page flyer that can be used in print, or as an email attachment. This is serving as an introduction to prospects/ leads from our salespeople. Must be clear,, crisp, professional, and polished.
How are you managing?
Risk. It’s part of doing business: Risks that are not managed properly can have devastating results for any business. Our goal is to help organizations manage their risk efficiently and effectively. We utilize our expertise in Risk Analysis, Risk Transfer, and Insurance Products to help develop ands maintain an exceptional Risk Management & Insurance program.

The world of insurance is complex: We are the advocates who can navigate the maze of insurance. From understanding your insurance coverage, staying in compliance with government and lenders requirements, or dealing with the insurance companies, we level the playing field. Our only interest is your best interest, your protection, and your bottom line.

It’s all in the details: Businesses are constantly changing. Whether it’s an operations, organization, or strategy, you need to make sure that your risk management and insurance protection is a step ahead in meeting your individual needs. A well-managed risk management and insurance program will provide you with better protection of your assets while allowing you to take advantage of overall reduced cost of risk.

Risk costs money: Whether it’s the direct cost of insurance or the less visible financial impact risk has on the value of your business, these costs need to be managed. We understand the nuances of the insurance industry and assure you are getting the best value for your company. Whether it’s managing the bidding process to ensure you have access to the best options or finding creative solutions outside of insurance to reduce and transfer risk, we have the experience and expertise to guide you.

You need answers now: When negotiating a lease, dealing with a claim or completing an audit you need to have answers and you need them now. We work as part of your team and make sure that your requests and your support team is responsive. We provide phenomenal customer service to keep your business moving ahead.

Wilhelm – we make it manageable

the first part of every paragraph (before the colon) must be emphasized.
Also important to be included:
Office address is 699 Cross St., Suite 1 Lakewood, NJ 08701

We do not want this in the entries:

Not Available

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