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Jerky Ben $300

Graphic Design Contest for Jerky Ben

by chafetzben

congratulations to contest winner:

Design Brief for Jerky Ben

Company or website name:

Jerky Ben

Slogan or taglines:

Hate the Man, Love the Meat. - I am a fun loving fat guy who likes to make beef jerky. I love people, i love life, I love Jerky,

Describe your company and organization and target audience:

The name of the product: Jerky Ben

I make a beef jerky product. Right now i plan on selling from my house but i may decide to sell in local stores and online. My jerky is a high quality jerky and comes in a variety of flavor. The brand element for the product is me, Ben. I live in a tight knight community and am well known. I do a lot of community work, and I am involved in a lot of community projects. I have been in several articles and have received many awards for my service. I am known to be a funny, outgoing, loves life, loves people kind of guy. I am also a really fat guy and the natural assumption is fat people make good food. That is why name "Jerky Ben" is a funny name.

My target audience are people who like jerky. Again, I am not selling this on a wide level. This is a hobby, i make it, i sell it to friends who pre-order, i give it to people . My jerky is awesome. I want them blown away when they see the package and set their expectations super high. I also want the package to make them laugh a little about "Ben".

The design should be a charicature of comical, it is meant to be self deprecating in a humorous manner, not downgrading. The guy should not be a slob, just someone who you look at and you say "Wow, this guys knows meat and how to have fun"

The design should have the following:

I am not sure which way to go on the design. On one hand i like the clean flat look, on the other hand, I cant get the image of a big fat bearded guy (me) sitting on his ass on the couch in pajamas and a wife beater drinking a beer.
The jerky will be packaged in a 4x6 mylar bag (https://goo.gl/691ChK). I will print the labels on a high gloss or matte finish. Not sure yet and then afffix them to the bag.
I probably will not make a separate label for every flavor. I will need all the flavors listed out vertically somewhere on the label (bottom right?) with a checbox and i will check off the flavor.
Maple Bourbon
Jalapeno Lime
Lemon Pepper
Chile Coconut Thai
Hickory Heat

I won an award called the "Community Chesed Award" last year, i think it would be pretty funny to have some kind of seal on the product saying "Endorsed by the 2018 Community Chesed Award Winner" Like a round stamp, kind of like an award stamp.

Ingredients: Made with Fleish from Weissmandle Shechita, mcontains garlic, salt, onions, liquid aminos. May contain, bourbon, maple syrup, lemon, lime, jalapeno, pineapple, ginger, natural hickory smoke, coconut, chili peppers, black peppers. Does not contain any eggs, peanuts, soy,or dairy.

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