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Infographic describing mineral properties to kids $250

Graphic Design Contest for Infographic describing mineral properties to kids

by MineralManiacs

congratulations to contest winner:

Design Brief for Infographic describing mineral properties to kids

Company or website name:

Infographic describing mineral properties to kids

Slogan or taglines:

Create an infographic to describe the properties of the mineral Corundum (better known as Ruby and Sapphire) to elementary-aged children.

Describe your company and organization and target audience:

We are publishing the first children's book in a series called The Mineral Maniacs and the Magic Hardhat. The aim of the series is to introduce young kids to the minerals we use everyday and learn about mining, geology, and engineering. This is a middle grade fiction book targeted at ages 8-12 years old. Each story will explore a mystery mineral and the appendix at the end will give more information about the mineral. Please visit our website www.TheMineralManiacs.com to learn more about the book.

The design should have the following:

We would like the main fact table of the appendix to be an infographic that would be attractive to a young audience. The book is a 6in x 9in format and the graphic needs to either take one page or spread across two pages (12-13in x 9in with room or spacing for the gutter in the middle of the book). The book interior is black and white where this graphic will first live. Though we would like to also utilize the color version in activity book and web, which color would be good. So we are looking for color graphics but understand it would need to also convey info well in black and white. This book focuses on the mineral Corundum and we'd like to convey as much information in the graphic that would still be visually appealing. Corundum is better known as its gemstones Ruby and Sapphire, but also has other products that we use in our everyday life.

These websites all describe the properties of the mineral Corundum in different ways:

The properties table should show at least the following properties: Name, chemical formula, color, luster, hardness, transparency (diaphaneity), and sketches or a few public domain stock photos of some specimens. And convey simply by words and/or graphic what each property means. An example of this is posted daily on the EarthArchives instagram account https://www.instagram.com/eartharchives/, however, the EarthArchives images seem to target a slightly older age group.

We do not want this in the entries:

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