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by SSimms96789

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House of Light Global

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House of Light Global is a spiritual/religious nonprofit organization that recognizes the Light and Life of God in all things visible and invisible. We believe that there is one Divine Life shared by all. House of Light Global offers programs and opportunities that make it possible to illuminate and nurture the Light in all things (within each being as well as Nature and the earth).

Our work focuses upon the discovery and recognition of:
The life and Light of God that indwells each living being
The purpose of our/one’s earthly life and how to share it to the good of all
Recognition that the earth itself is sacred and the most vital element of earthly life since it is the substance from which we came.
Health and wholeness are the gift of God through Nature to all humans

We support individuals who want to shine their light in the world.

The design should have the following:

We have already created a design that we want to have refined. We just want someone to reproduce the design and refine it. NO NEW DESIGN OR VARIATION. Please see the attachment. Please keep the planet, and the Words highlighted in yellow and make the following suggestions.

Design Suggestions:
1) Keep the Planet in the graphic and the same colors as in the attached image
2) UPDATED: FONT CHOICE: Antiqua-Cap and the color blue....Keep the wording as in the image and make the yellow more of the sun, corn or mustard from these options: or somethign similar
3) Wrap the words "House of Light Global" around the planet a little more, like a banner, with the words still visible and large. The bubble of color around the words can be more of a banner style as well, and not the color bubble/echo surrounding each letter/word. The banner can also have a sun-ray type style but not super obvious.
4) Options with and without rays of sun coming from the planet, this can be subtle.

We do not want this in the entries:

Not Available

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