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Tell The Designers About The App You Need Designed:

What is App Design?

Hatchwise can create the design you need for your app. Fill in the design brief below, start your contest and you will start seeing creative and professional designs for your app. Work with designers for up to ten days to perfect the designs submitted to your contest, before choosing a winner.


Once the contest is over, you will receive the source file and any image files you need. The files are not coded, and you receive only the image and source files. The files will need to be coded to create a working app.

What phone will the app be designed for?

You should pick one phone for the app to be designed for (iPhone, Android, Windows) and once you choose a winner, work with that designer to work the design into other versions of phones.

Tell The Designers About The App You Need Designed:

What does your app do?

Links to your website:

What style and theme do you want for your app?

Links to apps that designers can use for inspiration here:

Summary of contest

Content details

What is the name of your app?

How many screens do you need?

1 Screen

2 Screen

3 Screen

4 Screen

5 Screen

6+ Screen

Describe how your app flows and the screens

What should be avoided?

Name of Contest:

Describe your company and organization and target audience:

What do you need written:

What is important:

What do you not want:

Other Facts

Upload files:
You will be able to upload any files that you want the writers to reference once you launch your contest.

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