Logo Design Contest for www.dailyvitaminsforthesoul.com

by SoulEssentials

congratulations to contest winner:

SoulEssentials picked a winner in their Logo Design Contest for www.dailyvitaminsforthesoul.com

Their contest received 144 entries by 117 designers, it was viewed 4247
times. They paid just $150.00 for the winning design.

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Company or website name


Do you want any slogans or taglines on your logo?

not really. I do like the picutres I selected for the banner on the website at www.dailyvitaminsforthesoul.com all the work on the website is my own, might get a feel for the "style"

Service or product provided:

Our mission is to create a community of simple techniques and ideas that encourage, heal and inspire your soul. We honor your time and commitments, therefore our goal is make personal and spiritual development fun, simple and easy

Target audience:

Currently just the average person. Anyone and everyone looking to

What should come to a customers mind when they see the logo:

I would love people to feel inspired, happy, able to trust us and feel empowered. If that come out of a logo, I'll be super impressed!!

What should not be in the design:

nothing too clinical, keeping away from a "bottle of vitamins" in the traditional sense of the word vitamins but rather the tools to transform your life

How will the logo be the used:

online use of our website, facebook, and some printed materials.

The design should have the following:

I would like the versatility of the logo to include the word with an icon, where I could use the icon and words separately if needed as well. The layout needs to have versatility horizontally and vertically

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