Logo Design Contest for timLearnsToFly.com

by timSkoch

congratulations to contest winner:

timSkoch picked a winner in their Logo Design Contest for timLearnsToFly.com

Their contest received 62 entries by 50 designers, it was viewed 2991
times. They paid just $125.00 for the winning design.

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IF you go with the above Tim-in-a-plane idea (and you REALLY don't have to!), here are some face pics: http://goo.gl/OWtE9 http://goo.gl/bXZGd

Service or product provided:

Tim will be attending flight-school to become a certified pilot, and is starting a blog to narrate the whole process from beginning to end. The purpose of the blog is to (hopefully!) raise awareness of/interest in aviation as a hobby.

Target audience:

People who are either (1) already aviation enthusiasts or (2) might become interested if they looked into it. Probably upper-class (flying ain't cheap!), but still want a really broad appeal!

What should come to a customers mind when they see the logo:

Goal is to attract new interest in aviation as a hobby. Would like people to think of aviation as a fun/feasible hobby. Hoping for a following "rooting" for Tim through flight-school; "That looks fun; hey, maybe _I_ cold do that!"

What should not be in the design:

Would like to avoid an 'elitist' feel; aviation is often considered a "rich-man's" hobby; would like to avoid that; logo should be inviting people to consider aviation as a hobby.

How will the logo be the used:

Banner for a blog; will also generate monochrome treatments for printed literature (not nec for contest, but would save me the trouble if they were already made!)

The design should have the following:

Must scale well to be the main banner on a website (wide x not too tall)

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