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The Farmer's Wife $50

Logo Design Contest for The Farmer's Wife

by untilredprojects

congratulations to contest winner:

Design Brief for The Farmer's Wife

Company or website name

The Farmer's Wife

Do you want any slogans or taglines on your logo?

Not Available

Describe your company and organization and target audience.

The Farmer's Wife is an overarching company name for a few different ventures, including a food truck, and various "green" beauty items. It's chic, contemporary, for all ages, for the socially conscious.

The design should have the following:

A drawing of a woman's head face-on or from the side with haired pulled up into a top-knot bun on the top of the head and a neck scarf (tied with a knot and two scarf ends extending to her left). The scarf should be a bandana-print (like a cowboy scarf).
The head should be all black and the only color is the scarf.
The Farmer's Wife words should appear--depends on how they look best with the logo-- I wouldn't mind seeing options.
The vibe should be clean, simple, chic, elegant.
Also needs a TM - trademark on it as well, please.
Something like this: https://www.vectorstock.com/royalty-free-vector/face-of-pretty-woman-with-hair-in-high-bun-ico-vector-14184879
without the weird pointy chin, plus a bandana scarf. Here's what a bandana scarf looks like:
Thank you.

This logo will be used for:

Print (business cards, letterheads, brochures etc.)
Online (website, online advertising, banner ads etc.)
Signs (including shops, billboards etc.)

We do not want this in the entries:

Any colors other than black, white, red.
Too many details.

These values are what the logo should communicate:

Feminine Masculine

Simple Complicated

Gray Colorful

Subtle Bright

Quiet Loud

Basic Luxurious

Expensive Affordable

Playful Serious

Modern Classical

Raw Refined

Exotic Ordinary

Sporty Elegant

Adventurous Safe

This is the style of logo the user would like.

Colors to use in the design:

Black, white, red.

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