Graphic Design Contest for That Monkey Took My Tutu (children's book character)

by imthat1guy

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That Monkey Took My Tutu (children's book character)

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-- A playful looking Monkey Character That Took a Little Girl's Pink Tutu
--A skinny little white girl that is 4 years old and has maroon-colored hair and big blue eyes

The design should have the following:

For a children's book -- the winner will be able to do a book illustration after winning this competition with credit for their work : )



Page 1: The monkey is waiving a tutu at Bella.
Bella is pointing at the monkey who is teasing her.
"Help! That monkey took my tutu!"
Bella shouts. “That monkey’s acting cuckoo!”


Page 2: Bella sees the monkey across the street dancing in her tutu
"That monkey over there, dancing in the street.
He took my tutu! " Bella cries, while staring at his dancing feet.

Page 3-4: (this image spread from left page to right page as the Monkey jumps on top of cars)
Daddy points at the monkey, Bella and daddy watch the monkey.

Bella’s daddy yells, "Someone stop him!
He’s over there, jumping on top of cars!"
The monkey took her cute tutu…
Now he thinks he’s a dancing star!

Page 5: Bella is chasing the monkey that just stole a glasses from a glasses shop stand, the seller yells at him and starts chasing the monkey, along with Bella and Daddy.

Bella then spies the hairy suspect, "Right there!
He’s the monkey who disguised himself in glasses.
Someone get my tutu back! I need it for my classes!"

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