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Flower Web Radio $210

Logo Design Contest for Flower Web Radio

by doug.niman@gmail.com

congratulations to contest winner:

Design Brief for Flower Web Radio

Company or website name

Flower Web Radio

Do you want any slogans or taglines on your logo?

Put Your Head Into The Flower Web

Describe your company and organization and target audience.

I am looking for a Graphic Designer that can assist me with the creation of a logo and branding concept for a creative project I am launching.

I am launching a Psychedelic and Garage Rock and Roll Radio Show Podcast. It will be produced in hour + long episodes and will be a music and talk back format. I will play garage and psychedlic rock n roll from all eras, talk about them in between sets and also interview legendary psychedelic guitar players now and then. I am the DJ and producer/owner of the show.

The show is called Flower Web Radio and is named after a Screaming Trees song called Flower Web. I am friends with the guitar player and have permission from him to use the name and tag line. He was "honored" and will be my first interview.

It is:
Flower Web

Web Radio as in the internet.

It is a web of flowers.

Here is the song, if you want to get the vibe:

The right person will be well versed in things Psychedelic. Filmore and Avalon Theatre
Posters, psychedelic lettering, discordant color profiles, music, etc. Garage Rock, punk themes, LSD, and the like are ingredients.

A balance between hard to read psychedelic lettering/palette and conveying a strong and clear brand will be key. Please google Filmore or avalon posters.

I am looking for a versatile logo - for print, web, video and swag.

Perhaps a short simple trailer video that teases the project. I’m thinking about the old drip oil light shows projected at both the Avalon and the Filmore. Please look these up as well.

I have a domain with nothing in it and a Facebook page ready to go. So, for now a winning logo and branding concept would be cool.

The design should have the following:

It is a radio show. So I am fond of the old timey radio microphones. Flower Web is very visual for me. It could be literally a web of flowers, it could be just a glorious psychedelicaly lettered logo with color and a mic or it could be a flower as the star of the piece. Not sure.

It should translate to a one or two color logo in the event of newsprint, or one or two color situations.

This logo will be used for:

Print (business cards, letterheads, brochures etc.)
Online (website, online advertising, banner ads etc.)
Merchandise (mugs, t-shirts etc.)

We do not want this in the entries:

I am not sure I want the domain name in the logo unless it was small and footnote like.

These values are what the logo should communicate:

Feminine Masculine

Simple Complicated

Gray Colorful

Subtle Bright

Quiet Loud

Basic Luxurious

Expensive Affordable

Playful Serious

Modern Classical

Raw Refined

Exotic Ordinary

Sporty Elegant

Adventurous Safe

This is the style of logo the user would like.

Colors to use in the design:

Research discordant color with respect to psychedelic art. Again, the balance is acid trip vs. being readable!

Files uploaded to this contest:


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