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Company or website name

Taglines or slogans. Seal of Awful

Describe your company and organization.

We help people discover bad cars.

Describe your target audience.

Our target audience is anyone who owns a car or is in the market to buy one.

The design should have the following:

Eventually I need 4 "seals" or "badges" designed that we'll use to showcase the cars with the best, good, bad, & worst rating.

What do you need in the design:

The seal/badge will fit into our existing page design here: ... somewhere near the top of the content area, near "2008 Honda Accord" or the vehicle photo. A transparent PNG over the photo might be fun, but not all vehicles have photos, so the seal would have to look okay by itself too. I don't have a badge size or specific location in mind -- that's up to you. I realize this contest is for one badge but eventually I'm looking for 3-4 badges ranging from best to worst. I'm not set on the badge verbiage either, so feel free to take your pick from these ideas or come up with your own: - Best Bet - Seal of Approval - Seal of Somewhat Good - Seal of Somewhat Okay - Seal of Pretty Good - Seal of Mediocre - Seal of Mostly Okay - Beware of the Clunker (eats $1000 bills) - Avoid Like The Plague - Seal of Freakin' Awful All designs should indicate "" somewhere on the seal. I want the badges to be eye-catching, but mainly have some fun with them. Eventually I'm looking for a set of 3 or 4, so I'd like to hire the same designer for all of them. The badges should share a few of the same design elements -- but at the same time the badges should be obviously very different in some ways, since they indicate very different things (a good car vs a bad car). Hopefully that's enough information. I'm a first-time Hatchwise user. Any questions, fire away.

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