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Company or website name

Taglines or slogans.

11x17 Posters for Craft Brewery

Describe your company and organization.

Craft Microbrewery in Alabama. We are currently very small and working to grow. The name of each of our beers is a type of pants and we focus on uniqueness with each beer. The website, provides examples of our logo and products.

Describe your target audience.

Our main audience is craft beer drinkers between 21 and 35. People who appreciate craft beer and are willing to spend a little more money on a quality product. We are draft only, so the role of this item will be to catch their eye at the bar.

The design should have the following:

We need posters consistent with our current branding and artwork for putting up in bars around town. These point of sale items are intended to catch the eye and encourage them to order our beer instead of another without resorting to cheesy taglines

What do you need in the design:

As a fledging company we are just working to get our branding off the ground. Posters are a great next step for helping us create pull in each bar. We've posted a couple ideas in the latest blog post on, mainly related to the use of international signs (like men's room sign, google images for international signs, street signs) for poster design as this seems consistent with our logo and our quirkiness. These were just some thoughts and we need ideas to expand or define the concept better. The initial poster size will not be full banners, but more 11x17 sized or small banner sized and would incorporate the logo and something like "Drink Local Beer" or "We Support Local Beer". This concept would be a starting point for larger banners, and eventually packaging labeling. We'd love to identify one or more designers to work with on future projects if people seem to really get what we are going for. The main color pallet is blue and white for the brewery. However, we tie in red for Knickerbocker Red, our primary product, Green for Corduroy Rye IPA, and black (or pinstripes) for Pinstripe Stout. You are welcome to submit posters related to a particular beer as well. The intent is for everything to be graphic and somewhat simple. White space is underused in brewery work, but we don't need it to look generic. I also consider the logo to have somewhat of a retro look. The logo that is turned and looks more like a coaster is a good logo to include in the posters.

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