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becute picked a winner in their Logo Design Contest for Be Cute

Their contest received 50 entries by 44 designers, it was viewed 12009
times. They paid just $125.00 for the winning design.

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Be Cute

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Logo for a little cute giftshop

Who we are:

der nette kleine Geschenkeladen

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Hello creative minds, thinkers, think tanks, brush artists & pencil acrobats… We need a little of your magic in order to find a pretty logo. We - how shall I say- We can pay you very little :-( but have incredibly large claims and no idea of graphics programs (are not even started properly. Some of you might remember as the beginning is ... .it will be many many things needed and for free, there is only the fewest.  Therefore, we can unfortunately only slight prize competitions --- Sorry and hope you yet does not skimp on ideas) 
We-want to open up a nice little store. We- means = Stefanie so I been a Johnny head-in-the-air -(although the a.. himself first called) my lucky charm Harald and his lovely family (push the fingers crossed and strengthen our backs) What - is there to acquire there? Bags, children´s crockery, postcards, clothing, confectionery, etc. We want goods from these companies or something like this, for example,
http://ciuciucologne.de/ http://www.brandgut.net/shop/
 http://www.sproet‐sprout.nl/ http://www.mynameissimone.com/english.html#shops 
Love shop like this http://www.ketchuponeverything.co.uk/ 
Hope in any case on Etsy and Dawanda socialize another two contacts to small enterprises.
We want to start with the store February / March 2016 - there is still much to do, talk, plan, expand, upset, plan again ... .and make lots of contacts. At the moment everything is just a magical thought in a head, paperwork and Buissnessplan- and a little secret :-) soo pssst Therefore reveal anything I hope I have none of the above companies, websites etc. are enumerated illegally - Please see it as high praise the company 
The location: A small and peaceful town which has appointed a beaver as a city animal The initials of the city are BC The city colors are blue and yellow . Some stores have a Beaver insider ther logo - but not so "cute" as i wont
Oh - Our shop will be baptized in the name ;Be Cute"  And just as is the logo - cute - not cheesy - not a bad comic face or simply abstract grade forms ... but please do not too playful .
See the logo "dove with a had-by wix" and close to the heart with the thought-CUTE ..This image I would like to use, but it not free and I can´t buy a license for it- which is ok, it is part of their Program 
But please do not take this as a template. I write this just so you know what´s going on in my head as I write comments on the drafts -Usually I´m something nice :-)
So look forward to cute images and can´t wait to see your suggestionns. 
If you have any questions, please just ask ..  This is my first request of this kind, I have no plan what should include a bid or what information is needed to bring a new logo to the world Last but not least. please excuse my English and unprofessional request We are not a big company specialized and no Hardcore-Seller not even Power Seller on eBay or belly shopkeeper We are greenhorns, over motivated but quite cute
sunny greetings  Steffi

The design should have the following:

Not Available

This logo will be used for:

Print (business cards, letterheads, brochures etc.)
Online (website, online advertising, banner ads etc.)
Merchandise (mugs, t-shirts etc.)
Signs (including shops, billboards etc.)

We do not want this in the entries:

Logo Typ "Charactor" but plz NOT something like this porkin pig ;-)

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