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The next generation of tolling

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Zoom Toll is a new mobile app (spring 2016) that allows consumers to use their smart phone to determine their location, alert the driver a toll is coming up, and give them the option to use the Zoom Toll app to pay for the toll and go thru the fast lane. No billing issues, no hardware or transponders to stick on your windshield (or elsewhere).

Target audience is commuters and millennials.

The Zoom Toll app is a member of similar mobile transportation/payment apps including Zoom Ride (for buses, subways, metros, light rail, etc) and Zoom Park (parking garages and street parking). We are looking for help designing the logo for the family of apps so there is consistency. Please submit one or more logos for each of the three apps, but we envision the "Zoom" part of each logo will be the same. We would like the "Toll", "Ride" and "Park" to visually suggest the nature of each of the applications...

We have a promo video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl88G23FOBg
for the toll app (this is a draft form and we had a working name of tap n go which is at the end, we will change that to zoom toll and this new logo when selected)

The design should have the following

It's worth repeating, we are looking for 3 related apps Zoom Toll, Zoom Ride and Zoom Park

-Zoom Toll: use of this app will help drivers more conveniently use and pay for tolls without the hassle of using cash and sitting in line, or the hassle of getting hardware sensors that dont always work. Will also be used for speed lanes.

-Zoom Ride: commuters or those out on the town will be able to use their phone to see where the nearest public transportation access point is and then just climb on board without worrying about paying for a ticket. the app will know when you get on and off so will automatically bill you. no credit cards, no commuter ride cards....easy.

-Zoom Park: finding street parking is a hassle, and if lucky enough to find one you either have to have a bag full of coins to pay for it (if the meter works), or go to a kiosk and enter your parking space and prepay (or overpay if you dont stay as long as you thought) and sometimes take the printed receipt to your car and predominately display on your dash. And if your meter is running out you have to go back to the vehicle and feed it again. Zoom Toll will help you find an empty parking spot (no driving around in circles), and will pay for only the time you use the space. All automatically on your phone. no cameras, no sensors, no meters, no kiosks, no unexpected tow jobs.

So the major theme for the family of apps is convenience, using your smartphone, saves you time, etc.

Doesn't matter if the two words in each app are two distinct words or appear as one (Zoom Ride or ZoomRide)

The "Zoom" root word of each app should be identical in all 3 apps.

We are open to each endword having some visual representation of each specific application....
tolls, public transportation and parking.

This logo will be used for

  • Online (Website, facebook etc.)
  • Print (business cards, letterheads, brochures etc.)
  • Merchandise (mugs, t-shirts etc.)

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Looking for a cool design for our new mobile toll payment app Zoom Toll... first of several mobile payments apps including Zoom Ride and Zoom Park. Wi