O'Dea Inc -a Logo Design Contest by ODeaInc19

Creative Brief

Contest received 35 entries and the contest holder has awarded a winner.

Company or website name

O'Dea Inc

Slogan or Tagline

Words That Work

Describe your company and organization and target audience

O'Dea Inc provides copywriting and marketing services to businesses in Home, Facilities and Construction Services.

The design should have the following

The full name of the company as "O'Dea Inc" Minimalist feel, focus on the text

This logo will be used for

  • Online (Website, facebook etc.)
  • Print (business cards, letterheads, brochures etc.)

This design should not have this in the entries

Period after the "Inc" - should just be "O'Dea Inc" with no "." at the end Big, loud imagery

These values are what the logo should communicate

  • Feminine Masculine
  • Simple Complicated
  • Gray Colorful
  • Subtle Bright
  • Quiet Loud
  • Basic Luxurious
  • Expensive Affordable
  • Playful Serious
  • Modern Classical
  • Raw Refined
  • Exotic Ordinary
  • Sporty Elegant
  • Adventurous Safe

What style of logo would you like?

Colors to use in the design

Mostly neutral colors with a brighter color or two (as long as it's not too "loud") - open to creative ideas from the designers

Briefly describe your contest

First logo for my new company. Logo will be used on website, social media, business cards. Going for simple, but. memorable.