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Kourage Rx is a nonprofit medical exercise program dedicated to restoring strength, hope, and health to individuals facing cancer and other life-altering health conditions. These serious health conditions may include Parkinson's, Stroke, MS, organ transplantation, and heart disease. The impact of Kourage Rx is based on the concept of movement as medicine. As part of a patient's care plan, medical exercise becomes a prescription for life, providing a host of benefits that improve physical function, boost the immune system, increase energy, and elevate spirits. The lasting result: a better quality of life and often, prolonged survival. Medical exercise can be defined as an individualized exercise prescription that is developed and guided by an exercise specialist - a person degree in exercise science or kinesiology. A medical exercise regimen helps patients build and maintain strength, endurance, and balance through the use of treadmills, ellipticals, hand weights, balance balls, and other equipment. The program bridges the gap between physical therapy and commercial fitness. Some patients entering the program are longtime athletes; others have rarely exercised. In the beginning, some are too weak to walk even a few steps. What brings them together is the fact that all are encountering a life-changing diagnosis. As individuals, they each are on a unique journey, but together they encourage each other and become family. The program is provided free of charge through the generosity of our donors and supporters. Patients are never charged for participating in the program, thus making their health our only priority. Kourage Rx is currently known as FitSteps for Life, and we are exploring rebranding after 20 years. Our founder, Dr. Kimmel, is the inspiration for changing the C in courage to K as he was lovingly known as Dr. K. He passed away in 2018, so this also helps honor his legacy.

The design should have the following

Incorporating the K into the logo is suggested but not mandatory. We would like something unique, but honestly don't know what we like.

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  • Online (Website, facebook etc.)
  • Print (business cards, letterheads, brochures etc.)
  • Merchandise (mugs, t-shirts etc.)
  • Signs (including shops, billboards etc.)
  • Television/screen

This design should not have this in the entries

No running men, nothing that resembles a commercial gym or fitness center.

Colors to use in the design

shades of blue, black, white, and gray are the current color scheme. we are considering black, purple, yellow and teal. Would like to see both options if possible.

Briefly describe your contest

Life-changing medical exercise program looking for a facelift after 20 years of restoring hope and health.