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Handicaps & Six-Packs

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This is an online/social media profile that we are trying to build up. The Target audience is mostly male but creeping into the female world with the growth of golf/sports/gambling in the world for females. The segment that this falls into is…. Handicaps: 1. Golf - This is a pun on a golfer who has a certain handicap on how good/bad they are 2. Gambling - In gambling ‘handicapping’ a game is to break it down to pick a side to bet on. To handicap something means you are doing your due diligence on it. 3. Golf and Gambling go together well because a lot of golfers gamble when they play. Six-Packs: 1. Drinking - A six pack of beer or seltzer is a standard SKU. This category contains Going Out. Partying. Drinking. Different Drinks. Drinking while golfing. Drinking after men’s league sports. Weekend drinking. Post work drinking. 2. Fitness - Having a six-pack or abs is something that people who are very in shape have. Fitness is something that everyone tries to have these day. Health & Wellness is an unstoppable trend and even those drinking, gambling and playing sports care about their fitness and how to stay in shape and look good.

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Try to include all of the elements possible, without being too much. We love golf course logos as a great staple for logos in the IYKYK world. Less words, more pictures. No words is perfect.

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  • Merchandise (mugs, t-shirts etc.)
  • Signs (including shops, billboards etc.)

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Handicaps & Six-Packs Logo Design!You have a Blue Ocean for designs of this social profile.