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by eRivalry

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Winning entry by tcapan

Company or website name


Slogan or Tagline

Compete, Win, Brag

Describe your company and organization and target audience

*Street Art- Shepard Fairey/Banksy type depictions *Graphic Novel- “Sin City”, “Watchmen”, etc. *Disney- cartoons in violent death poses *Silhouettes- shadowy images of fighting *Retro- 20’s or 50’s imagery *Anything goes! This should be

The design should have the following

The logo should be a stand alone header, as well as being able to be integrated into graphic depictions of rivalries. The slogan does not need to be included in the graphic image.

This design should not have this in the entries

Fans of colleges, including students, alumni and college-town residents. The fans would use eRivalry to find information about their favorite team and build up their point totals, winning prizes and contributing to their school's ranking.

Colors to use in the design


Briefly describe your contest

College Rivalry Logo and Graphics