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Fit to the 9s

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Snoozercise is about women helping women. Our website provides a way for women to share ideas and solutions to common fitness and wellness challenges. This is a network of "sisters" helping each other lead a healthier lifestyle. It starts with a personalized exercise program using your snooze button to time your workout. The program begins your morning with simple stretching and low impact exercises after you hit the snooze button but before your feet touch the floor. The idea here is that each day is "a new day." If you begin your day with fitness in mind, you will continue to make healthy choices throughout the day.

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Our focus is a healthier life style beginning with snoozercise. We've considered using three Zs as the logo. Having the z's grow in size. The first z smaller and each Z getting larger. We want to use the color blue. Another consideration would be to use silhouettes of women for each line in the Z. Or, having the women's silhouette be in the S of Snoozercise. The "s" is significant since our network is "sisters". Think-- Zen, spa, relaxing, health, fitness... These are our thoughts but we are open to your ideas and creativity.

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