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Sacred Money Studios (TM)/Prosperity Pie Shoppe

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Company or website name

Sacred Money Studios (TM)/Prosperity Pie Shoppe

Slogan or Tagline

A Sanctuary for You and Your Money

Describe your company and organization and target audience

1) Brand field/industry: Financial education/literacy

2) Traits of my current primary targeted audience- people who want to understand their relationship with money but feel unable, unskilled or unsupported. They are passionate, engaged in the world, creative/expressive, liberal, open minded, seekers, creatively minded, curious, women (and a few good men), employed or retired, from 18-65+, computer literate.

3) What do they yearn for that your brand in part fulfills? Financial confidence, to be able to do what they love and manage their money well— they want systems for organizing and understanding their money that work for their minds. They yearn to drop the shame, guilt, fear, resentment and self-loathing, and replace it with trustworthiness, integrity, clarity about what really matters, and practices that increase self-esteem. Control, a plan of action, deeper understanding and acceptance of themselves, simplicity, financial competence, wealth growth and maintenance.

4) From their view, what troubles or pains them about their lives and/or about the world in general that your brand in part alleviates?
 Those with money feel confused by the financial world. They doubt themselves, especially in new relationships. Money has caused hardships (emotionally) in families, and often there’s a strong desire to not pass this on to next generation, yet they don’t know how to navigate these waters. They don’t know what they need, financially, to retire, or start a business. And most importantly, they don’t know what they don’t know. For those without much, money and learning about money has been mysterious- something other people have or do. The lack of education, both at home and in schools, makes those to whom money doesn’t come naturally feel inadequate, and like they are missing the “money gene”. They feel vulnerable, may struggle with valuing the work they do and feel out of control. Relationships exacerbate this feeling and many couples feel ill-prepared to talk about their money stories, beliefs, triggers, hopes and deep desires.
5) Elaborating on the above, what is your signature “medicine,” your brand’s unique value you offer successfully: The elixir to our disconnected and often irresponsible relationship with money is a sanctuary of sanity and acceptance coupled with practice within community. Money is sacred. It's a tool of amplification and transformation.

S$S's signature medicine is 2 parts love, 1 part acceptance, and 4 parts kick ass.

6) What are their 3 big resistances to engaging your brand’s offer? Shame, fear (of making bad decisions, of losing money, of success), not wanting to grow up and take responsibility- which all boils down to procrastination and avoidance.

7) List traits of your current secondary targeted audience (possibly the other 20% whom you engage; possibly another customer segment):
Men who want a creative, spiritual approach to money management(they are fed up with the structured, male world they live in, want a refreshing, emotionally whole, intuitive process)— and sometimes they are looking for a planner or process that will work for their relationship (they want to help their partner engage in their financial life)

8) How are you telling a different Story about your brand’s subject matter than your competitors? How are you forcing your competition to pivot and look at what you’re doing?
The key to S$S is face-to-face, hugable community. It's a sacred space to learn and grow that supports each person in becoming a powerful force for good with their money. We are weaving community service and mentoring into the fabric of our offerings-- and we are all about having fun, being surrounded by beauty, and eating pie (healthy, gluten free pie!).

9) Describe what currently happens with your brand that jazzes you:
I love helping people clarify what matters most, and then supporting them in making sure that they are giving these values time for expression. I love seeing the light bulb go off— the ‘Ah-ha” moment of connecting the dots and understanding how the visual images created are unique, insightful and can be transformed in a heart beat. Using YNAB (You Need a Budget) we are giving clients a visual tool they can use at home-- it empowers them to see the results of their habits.

10) Describe the possibilities you envision for your brand that exhilarate you:
I want to create a global conversation about sacred money— develop a store concept that is replicable in cities around Oregon, around the US and eventually, around the world. Just as the practice of Yoga has swept the planet, I want to spread the concept that we need a sanctuary and community where we can go to practice exercising our money skills, and learn new ones.

11) Describe how the brand brings out the best in you as you perceive yourself:
Sacred$Studios allows me to wed my passion, skill set and personal experience with helping people connect to and manifest their dreams. It brings out the best in me when I get to use my resourcefulness and creativity, when I draw on my wide-range of experiences and interests to connect and engage with people. My brand allows me to explore a multi-disciplined approach when suits my love of working holistically with the brain, and with visual, auditory and verbal modalities.

CURRENT BRAND COMMUNICATIONS: Describe in 12 or less words your business’s driving ideal and mission:

A sanctuary of love for you and your money

State in 8 or less words your business’s tagline if it has one:

Prosperity + Pie = Bliss (this is not quite there...but working on it!)



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