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Reunion Masters Expo

by S1E

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Winning entry by cj38

Congratulations to winner cj38 ! They were awarded the contest prize of $225.00


S1E Contest Holder
Thank you to everyone that has submitted entries. Most of what we're seeing is font manipulation with some very basic graphics. We're looking for something that will really stand out. While the name is important, we can put the name under any graphic in any font ourselves. We looking for something that really stands out. Something that people will want to wear on a shirt, something that people will walk across the room to see what we do. Some examples of things that I like are: crankyape.com, www.scovieawards.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/crazy-uncle-jester-logo.jpg, flamingtext.com (the company logo). This is the kind of thing that we're looking for and what we mean when we say we don't want things that look clip arty. Hope this helps! Thanks!!!