Winning entry by deathmask
Logo Design Contest


by ccaraballo

Contest received 105 entries and the contest holder has awarded a winner.

Congratulations to winner deathmask ! They were awarded the contest prize of $150.00


angelcarothers Creative
Please provide feedback to designs so I know which direction to go in for the next set of designs.
manzdesign Creative
really angelcarothers....?
ccaraballo Contest Holder
ATTENTION ALL: I like some of the logos designed for this contest. However, most of them do not appear as clean and crisp as I thought. I would like the logos to be designed in high quality/high definition format. Rather than just plain BITMAP or JPEG, I would prefer Vector graphics or PSD files.
NemesisQaine Creative
Contest Holder ccaraballo, I just wanted to you let you know that 99% of the graphics are in vector format. The problem is that we have to upload them here as jpeg format and sometimes it doesn't come through very clear, especially if the set up wasn't done correctly. I hope this helps you some.
heatherschmitt Creative
Hello. I understand your need to review these submission in high resolution. Unfortunately though, PSD and vector files are not currently supported by internet browsers or this website. Our submission guidelines are as follows per the instructions on this website: "All entries should be 350x280, at 300 dpi and should be in .jpg or .gif format" I do apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding. Also, please bear in mind that after a winner is selected, the source files for your logo will be transmitted to you in whatever format you require, i.e. PSD or AI files.
thomas66 Creative
i want to confirm the above said my logo is 100% vector file (so i guess most of the other logos are aswell)
Maehtzi Creative
Dear Contest Holer, More comments and ratings of the designs would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Matt
borjcornella Creative
Entry #47934: -Is this somewhat a version of the new xerox?