Ideju Vagis logo competition -a Logo Design Contest by artiom2000

Creative Brief

Contest received 38 entries and the contest holder has awarded a winner.

Company or website name

Ideju Vagis logo competition

Slogan or Tagline


Describe your company and organization and target audience

The name of the project "Idėjų Vagis" means 'Idea Thief' in Lithuanian. You can find the codes for LT letters here: letter 'ė/Ė' is U+0117/U+0116 letter 'ų/Ų' is U+0173/U+0172

The design should have the following

Ideally, it has to be horizontal logo (e.g. no bubbles, squares or vertical words). A lot of attention should be given to typography. There should be some kind of graphic element in the logo, perhaps at the beginning of the logo.

This logo will be used for

This design should not have this in the entries

Users who encounter counterfeit goods/ pirated content. Familiar & comfortable using Internet. Well educated, like to reward creative people. 25 to 55 years old. Geographically, they come from the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia).

Colors to use in the design

This is the initial draft of our web-page: You don't have to tie yourself up to red/blue/white combination. Just make sure that colors you use are complimentary with the website.

Briefly describe your contest

Logo for non-profit IP mapping service