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IDIO Ventures

by W1lliam12586

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Winning entry by muzzha

Company or website name

IDIO Ventures

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Describe your company and organization and target audience

I am looking to start a website to highlight my own portfolio of personal private company investments. I would like to name my company IDIO Ventures which is going to be short for "Idiosyncratic" Ventures. Target audience are business professionals, members of the venture capital industry and friends/family who visit my site and want to view a professional/clean experience. Select synonyms of the word idiosyncratic that I would lean towards are "distinctive, special, unique, one-of-a-kind". Since I'm focused on creating a financial site with the ultimate goal of showcasing my portfolio to raise outside capital, the word Idiosyncratic is most related to achieving idiosyncratic returns (achieving excess returns that are uncorrelated

The design should have the following

I want the words "IDIO Ventures" accompanied by a uniquely shaped design next to the words (e.g. See google ventures logo/atomico) or maybe you can creatively make some of the letters where it doesn't need an accompany shape within the logo (.e.g maveron). The logo will appear on a very clean looking, professional website that is very simple, easy to understand and direct. Website interfaces that I admire are the following for their simplicity yet subtle complexity and lack of stuffiness. I like the airiness of a website, light colors, modern design, yet exudes professionalism. http://www.gv.com/ http://www.atlanticcp.com/ http://www.atlasventure.com/ http://www.atomico.com/ http://www.baincapitalventures.com/ http://www.rre.com/ http://www.maveron.com/ http://www.greylock.com/

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black, blue, grey, white, orange

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Logo for Personal Venture Investments