Logo Design Contest

Holistic Body Couture

by jyashaya

Contest received 152 entries and the contest holder has awarded a winner.

Winning entry by nivra.garcia

Congratulations to winner nivra.garcia ! They were awarded the contest prize of $115.00


john12343 Creative
That's funny. Why do lurth, beny and joa all have practically the same design? I hope you guys haven't all copied some piece of artwork the contest holder took from some other artist somewhere else. If so that would violate the rules here (not to mention the law). Did any of you ask whether or not the contest holder owns the full creative rights to that image or whether it is actually a stock pic or something like that from another artist?
joa Creative
Hi Matthew, none of us has violated any law; un existing TM logo should have all the transfer licence of Intellectual Property Rights in Designs which are created by a Designer for a Customer; practical all uf us we transfer the copyright design to customer which have perpetual right to display, distribute and reproduce (in any form) and for services ....