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Growth Coaches International: Who We Are, What We Do, Why We Do It

What we do and how we do it: This is a business growth coaching business catering to small and mid-size businesses helping them grow beyond their limitations. The company advises, guides and coaches CEOs and leadership teams to align together while helping them through the elements of leadership, strategy, marketing, sales, people, innovation, execution and cash. The result: a growing, profitable company. We employ multiple methods to do this including CEO and C suite mentoring, organizational design, key performances indicators, team engagement, as well as a unique innovation process - Innovation By Design. We help growing companies through their different growth valleys of death, which occur invariably based on revenues and number of people in their organization. These, unforeseen and unplanned for, stop the growth and often lead to going backwards and even outright failure. We help companies bridge across these valleys of death and continue their growth with strategies, systems, and executive training that makes them more able and in control. We provide a growth company playbook that gives executives confidence, control and reduces their stress so they can enjoy the growth, money and, for some, an equity event when they cash out. Simply stated: with our coaching, systems and teaching, executives know what to do and when.
What we believe: We believe that entrepreneurs and small businesses are the lifeblood of any country's growth. They bring innovation, new technology and the only real growth to employment and a country's economy. Moreover, we believe that the work we do makes a difference in the lives of the small business leaders we help and that they deserve this help for they risk their lives, money and future in starting and growing companies. The work we do makes a difference not only for them, but also all the people they serve with their offerings and ultimately the greater public and communities of which they are part.
Who we are and why we do it: we are entrepreneurs and small business owners ourselves. We know what it is like to face the multitude of demands as a CEO of a growth company. For us this is not just business, but holy work, for it cascades good across the societies where we work.
Our Promise: We only take on clients that we believe we can help. We believe in this so strongly that if we don't deliver what we promise, you don't pay or pay only what you believe is fair exchange. So yes, we put our existence as a company on the line to deliver and to deliver in spades.
Who is our client: a company that is committed to growing, learning and applying the unique methods and systems we deliver. The CEO should be a constant learner always looking for ways to move ahead. We view the work we do as a partnership, working as a team to conquer the opposition, barriers and blockages that defeat so many companies. We are here to help you win and win big – and enjoy the ride.



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