Logo Design Contest

Garden of Eden Society

by christopherofeden

Contest received 85 entries and the contest holder has awarded a winner.

Winning entry by LeAnn

Congratulations to winner LeAnn ! They were awarded the contest prize of $150.00


john12343 Creative
@All Designers participating in this contest: Did someone else in this contest use an apple and a snake? This contest holder eliminated my design stating "Please do not use elements from other current designs. I would love to see some other ideas." I can't see any other designs here with any apples or snakes, so is the contest holder simply hallucinating? Or did someone already try an apple/snake combo and withdraw it before I came along? Of course, I will turn around and re-use every one of the 100% original design elements found in my design, ALL of which I created from scratch without looking at anyone else's design, and I WILL sell them to another contest holder or client somewhere down the road, so it wasn't a total waste of time. In the meantime, nice work LeAnn, your designs look great, as usual, and I wish you best of luck. Best regards, Matthew