Fashionable Nation -a Logo Design Contest by Pia

Creative Brief

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Company or website name

Fashionable Nation

Slogan or Tagline


Describe your company and organization and target audience

FN is brand that creates shirts and blouses for women that have limited dexterity in their hands. there are many companies that create adaptive clothing. the difference is that FN will bring to the market more design and premium quality which the competitors can not offer at the moment. The logo needs to be modern, trendy and refreshing.

more about FN:
ashionAble Nation (FAN)
Inclusive luxury

Our mission - what we do and how we do it?
Brand proposition

We create clothing for fashion-minded women with reduced mobility. Our designs have a high street feeling (think Jigsaw, Hobbs, Reiss,) combining design with quality fabrics to make every woman feel and look amazing.

We believe every woman needs a capsule wardrobe, made up of good quality pieces that can be mixed and matched together. We offer high-end high street fashion at affordable prices.

Our clothing has been thought with almost unnoticeable modifications to allow for independence and autonomy.

We use noble, innovative and sustainable fabrics when possible. The aim is to allow for comfort and functionality.

British designer fashion standards

Our competitive advantage - what are we going to be or do different from competitors? Our manifesto.

We want to be positioned as a new comer offering solutions. We are a stylish and practical. A no nonsense brand. That is why we create timeless and classical pieces with a twist.

Also, we want to open a conversation with the customer. A forum for expression and diffusion of our TA different realities. To push for a more inclusive society.

Problem we are solving
We are providing fashionable clothing for people with reduced mobility at affordable prices.

Target audience definition

Every woman looking for practicality and glamour at time of dressing.
Age 40 to 80 yoa

Consumer take-out

“I always can trust FAN to find what I am looking for. Clothing made always with the same consistent quality at prices I can afford” / or I am willing to pay.

Emotional connection anchor
I feel myself when I wear FAN

Insight: the right fit is not only important when it comes to looking good; it also helps people feel good. Studies show that feeling comfortable in certain clothing or fashion pieces can significantly boost confidence and self-esteem. McKenzie believes wearing clothes that are both functional and fashionable can break down social barriers. “If you come into a room well-dressed, people will react to you differently. You are more approachable,” says McKenzie. “Something as simple as someone complimenting an article of clothing you are wearing can spark a conversation, and it didn’t start with ‘Why are you in a wheelchair?’ Being asked that question over and over gets to be aggravating.”

Price point strategy
Ideally after having covered all fix and variable costs and margins. The price should be positioned close to what the direct competition is offering and above the UK non-direct competition offer.

Accessible, this is still high street fashion, (Reis, Jigsaw)

Brand Values or The FAN woman
Looks into detail / cares about detail / knows the difference is in the detail
Confident in every situation
Performance in every situation
Takes care of it appearance
Not scared of...
Kind, considered
Sartorial obsessed

Our vision

Became the top of mind fashion brand for women with reduced mobility when they need or just want a new piece in their wardrobe.

Also, become a forum to open conversation and dialogue about inclusion.

Our dream

To be sold in major fashion platforms / department stores

Authentic, honest, fun, good sense of humour. Does not take her so seriously all the time

Fashionable Nation Competition

The design should have the following

rief: we need to create a logotype for Fashionable Nation. The idea is to use the logo as many of today’s online brands in a b/w colour scheme and reversed out. With the idea of communicating premiumness but also providing ease of implementation.

Ideally,the logo would help to communicate both words entirely. At least to be used during launch. Later on, if it proves unpractical it could be abridged.

Flexibility of format is a plus, think on brands such as Chanel and Zadig & Voltaire. That have detached the logo from the type and the logo by itself is recongnisable and appreciated. Also. Lulu Lemon has managed to do the same and today the rounded with the hairpiece (without words) is recognisable by itself amongst gym goers.

FashionAble. Ideally the word able should stand out from fashionable. (Able has a strong connotation in the disabled universe). Please think changing the typo in a way that stand out but it does not make it too skewed.

I have a penchant for rounded shapes, like Bimba and Lola logo. See and forgive my own drawings.

Fashionable Nation Competition

I don’t think direct competitors exist yet but I know some brands are about to launch soon. So Ideally, I would like to at least have launched when that happens. Most adaptive clothing brands target disabled people or the elderly with old-fashion designs others concentrate purily in functionality over design, such as:
As I hopefully mentioned somewhere before, my idea is to position FN as the Reiss, Jigsaw or Hobbs (for the disabled) in terms of brand image and product quality. I am not sure where this offering will take me in term of price point but it will have to follow suit.
There are newcomers to the category such as Tommy Hilfiger, which I would not mind to be positioned close to in terms of price point.
Other players that I feel the brand could be closer to are Christina Stephens (AUS) and Kintsugi (UK), and The able label (UK) . Realistically, these 2 last brands have a more similar product offering and are based in the UK, so there might be the closer competitors moving forward. However, we are going to be using more colour and our design will feel younger.
To start the whole launch process I want to have the brand identity ready to start connecting with trade, in particular with one platform for disable fashion that launched in the US 3 weeks ago Juniper Unlimited

This logo will be used for

  • Online (Website, facebook etc.)
  • Print (business cards, letterheads, brochures etc.)

This design should not have this in the entries

too many colors, too much decorations.

Colors to use in the design

black and white

Briefly describe your contest

Logo for a brand that creates fashionable adaptive clothing